Media Outreach

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Mayor Jeff Serdy

Mayor Jeff Serdy

Vice Mayor Chip Wilson

Vice Mayor Chip Wilson

Councilmember Christa Rizzi


Councilmember Gail Evans


Councilmember Jeff Struble

Councilmember Jeff Struble

Councilmember David Waldron

Dave Waldron

Councilmember Robin Barker

Councilmember Robin Barker

City Manager Bryant Powell

City Manager - Bryant Powell

Development Services Director Larry Kirch


Director of Parks & Recreation Liz Langenbach

Liz Langenbach

Director of AJ Water Company Frank Blanco


Director Of Public Works Mike Wever

Mike Weaver Director Of Public Works

Presiding Judge James W. Hazel, Jr.

Judge James W. Hazel

Human Resources Director Elizabeth H. Riley

Liz Riley HR Director

Director Public Safety Thomas Kelly

Chief of Police

Public Information Officer Al Bravo


Assistant to the City Manager Anna McCray

McCray 2018

Assistant City Manager Matt Busby