Submitting Returns


  • The tax return must be filed even if there is no income from the business.
  • The taxes shall be due and payable on or before the 20th day of the month next succeeding the tax period in which the tax accrues.
  • Failure to receive a privilege tax return in the mail does not relieve a taxpayer of his/her obligation to file the return and pay the tax.
  • Filing Frequency will be based on previous filing history which may include data from the Arizona Department of Revenue. Taxpayers with an insufficient filing history will be required to file the tax return monthly.
  • Each tax return will show beginning and ending dates for the tax period. Such dates will reflect each taxpayer’s assigned filing frequency.

Filing Frequency (Tax Periods)

  • Monthly - For businesses that have a Gross income over $50,000.
  • Quarterly - For businesses that have a gross income between $5,000 and $49,999.99.
  • Annually - For business that have a gross income less than $4,999.99.

Blank Return

Please use the Tax Return to remit your taxes to the City of Apache Junction. In addition, please ensure you list the business name, address, license number, reporting period and the codes for any deductions you may take on page 2. Please refer to the Tax Return Instructions for general information. Please call if you have specific questions.

Tax Brochure / Samples

The sample returns listed here are for informational purposes only. Your return may have different deduction codes. Please call if you have specific questions.

Tax Rates, Class Codes & Deduction Codes

The Arizona Department of Revenue link will take you to the states website where you can view the appropriate state and county tax rates. The Class Codes and Deduction Codes lists the City of Apache Junction Tax Rates and Deduction Codes.