Alarm Permit Program

In May of 1998 the Apache Junction City Council adopted a Security Alarm Ordinance (Chapter 16 of the City Code) concerning regulation of alarms.

Alarm means any mechanical or electrical device(s) used to detect unauthorized entry into buildings or into premises or to warn or alert others of an emergency or of the commission of an unlawful act within buildings, on premises or perimeter or premises. Car alarms and alarms utilized solely for fire reporting or medical emergencies do not require a permit.
  • Permits for alarms are required and need to be renewed annually. If renewed within 30 days of expiration, there is no charge. You will be notified by mail when it is time to renew.
  • Every alarm user shall obtain an alarm permit from the City of Apache Junction within 30 days after the alarm is used or becomes operational. No false alarms will be counted within the first thirty (30) days after the alarm has been installed.
  • A completed application shall be accompanied by an initial fee of $10.
  • The alarm user or permittee is required to notify the Alarm Coordinator of any changes in the information contained in the application on file within ten (10) days after the effective date of such change. You must also notify the Alarm Coordinator if the alarm is no longer being used.
  • An audible alarm must be equipped with an automatic sound emission cutoff feature, which will stop the emission of sound fifteen (15) minutes after the alarm is activated.
  • When four (4) or more false alarms occur within one permit year, the Alarm Coordinator shall notify the alarm user and direct that a report be submitted within ten (10) days from the date of such notice specifying what corrective action has been taken to prevent future false alarms. If there is evidence that a false alarm was caused by an act of nature, common cause or action of the telephone company, it shall not be deemed a false alarm.
  • No person shall use, or cause to be used, any automatic dialing device or telephone attachment that automatically selects a public safety or emergency service telephone line of the Apache Junction Police Department. Connection to 911 is prohibited.
  • The fifth and any subsequent false alarm set-off by an alarm user within the permit year shall constitute a public nuisance, and the use shall be assessed an administrative penalty of $84.21 for each occurrence.
  • You can download a copy of the Alarm Permit Application by clicking here.
If you have been having issues with false alarms or to learn some ways to prevent having false alarms with your alarm system, click on this link to view "A Guide to Avoiding False Alarms".

Alarm Permit Renewal
If you have received a notice from the Police Department notifying you that it is time to renew your permit, you have two choices to renew your permit:

1. You may use the form you received in the mail to update any changed information or note that there are no changes. Once you make any required changes you may either mail it to the City or you can drop it off at the Police Department.

2. If you're renewing your permit within the 30-day renewal requirement and no fees are due, you can renew your permit online. (NOTE: This is not an option if you have to pay a renewal fee or are registering a new alarm. If either of these apply, you must mail the form or drop it off at the Police Department along with any required fee.)

Click this link "Online Renewal" if you owe no fees, to renew your permit online.

Contact Information
  • Alarm Coordinator: Jerry Ward
  • Contact Phone: (480) 474-5448