Alarm Permit Program


In May of 1998 the Apache Junction City Council adopted a Security Alarm Ordinance (Chapter 16 of the City Code) concerning regulation of alarms.

Alarm means any mechanical or electrical device(s) used to detect unauthorized entry into buildings or into premises or to warn or alert others of an emergency or of the commission of an unlawful act within buildings, on premises or perimeter or premises. Car alarms and alarms utilized solely for fire reporting or medical emergencies do not require a permit.

    Public Notice 

    Dear alarm user,

    In January, 2017 the Apache Junction City Council approved changes to the city’s alarm program.  The goal of these changes is to lower the number of false alarms the Police Department responds to and to partially recover costs incurred for officers responding to false alarm calls.  In order to do this, the fee schedule has been updated to better reflect costs incurred by the city.

    The following fee schedule is in effect as of January 17th, 2017.  The Police Department will begin enforcing the new ordinance/fee schedule effective May 1st, 2017. 

  • New alarm registration fee for residential alarms:  $15.00
  • New alarm registration fee for commercial/business alarms:  $25.00
  • Alarm renewal fee for residential alarms:  $15.00 (payable on your renewal date)
  • Alarm renewal fee for commercial/business alarms:  $25.00 (payable on your renewal date) 
  • False Alarms – the number of false alarms allowed has been lowered.  

  • Residential:  2 false burglar alarms allowed at no cost after which a $50.00 fee will be assessed and each subsequent alarm will be assessed in $50.00 fee increments.  
  • Commercial/Business:  1 false burglar alarm allowed at no cost after which a $50.00 fee will be assessed and each subsequent alarm will be assessed in $50.00 increments. 
  • Commercial/Business:  1 false panic/holdup alarm annually after which a $100 fee will be assessed and subsequent false panic/holdup alarms will be assessed in $100 increments.  
  • Any non-registered user (an alarm user who is in violation of the city ordinance for failure to register their alarm with the city) will be subject to a $100 administrative penalty for the first false alarm and a $200 administrative penalty for the second false alarm with possible civil and/or criminal penalties for subsequent alarms. 
  • The overall intent of these changes is aimed at reducing the number of false alarms that officers respond to as well as encourage compliance with the city ordinance requiring registration of alarm systems within the city. 

    References:  City Codes regarding Security Alarm Systems (Volume 1, Chapter 16, Security Alarms Systems) and the Public Safety Fee Schedule (Volume 1, Chapter 4, Article 4-7 (Public Safety Fee Schedule), Section 4-7-1, Subsection J (Security Alarm Permit Fees). 

    This letter is to advise you of the upcoming changes to the alarm program.  The renewal process will remain the same until May 1st, 2017 at which time the new ordinance will be enforced and your next renewal will require payment of the new fee.  

    If you have questions regarding this letter or any other part of the city alarm program, please call the City Alarm Coordinator, Jerry Ward at 480-474-5448 or Claudia Martinez at 480-982-8260. 

    Jerry L. Ward
    Communications Administrator/Alarm Coordinator
    Apache Junction Police Department
    City of Apache Junction
    Mailing: 300 E. Superstition Blvd.
    Physical: 1001 N. Idaho Rd.
    Apache Junction, AZ  85119

    You can download a copy of the Alarm Permit Application by clicking here.

If you have been having issues with false alarms or to learn some ways to prevent having false alarms with your alarm system, click on this link to view "A Guide to Avoiding False Alarms".  You can also read further about home alarm systems here.

Contact Information

  • Alarm Coordinator: Jerry Ward
  • Contact Phone: (480) 474-5448