Master Studies

Comprehensive Transportation Study - 2012
The Apache Junction Comprehensive Transportation Study was a joint effort by the City of Apache Junction and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to develop a long-range multimodal transportation plan to address the City’s most critical current and future transportation needs. The principal focus of the transportation plan was to address the growing demands placed on the City’s local roads and streets. In addition, the plan examined public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian needs, and additional multimodal opportunities necessary to accommodate growth and development.

Executive Summary

Final Report

Transit Feasibility Study Update - 2012
The Transit Feasibility Study, an update of a study conducted by Lima & Associates in 2005, is an element of the Apache Junction Comprehensive Transportation Study. The Transit Feasibility Study Update examined the various modes of public transportation that could be implemented both within Apache Junction and between Apache Junction and other areas. The study recommends levels of transit service to be implemented at the 60,000, 75,000, and 130,000 population thresholds used in the Comprehensive Transportation Study.

Executive Summary

Final Report
Street Circulation and Access Study - 2003
The Street Circulation and Access Study recommends a street circulation and access plan for the City of Apache Junction in the area bounding Idaho Road, Old West Highway, Goldfield Road and Apache Trail. The report identifies roadway improvements and the costs associated with such improvements.

Street Circulation and Access Study


During the Discovery process for the Lower Salt and Middle Gila watersheds, several Areas of Mitigation Interest were identified within the corporate boundary of Apache Junction. Download the draft report below.

Stormwater Master Plan - 2002
The purpose of the Stormwater Master Plan is to develop concept stormwater and drainage facilities such as drainage channels, storm drains and regional retention / detention basins within the City of Apache Junction.

Stormwater Master Plan