Construction Projects

Lane Restrictions and Temporary No Parking- Smythe Homie Subdivision
Street Maintenance- Seal Coat

The city and its contractor will be conducting street pavement preservation within the Smythe Homie subdivision which is the area bordered by Meridian Dr. to the west, Delaware Dr. to the east, 4th Ave. to the north, and Broadway Ave. to the south.  Lawson Dr. and Desert View Dr. south of Broadway Ave. is also included in this work planned to begin Monday October 23rd and continuing through October 30,  2017.  Work will entail the sealing of cracks and then applying an asphaltic seal coating over the existing street pavement.  Work will be done during business days only during the hours of 6 AM- 4 PM.   This work does not include any full road closures.  Temporary restrictions to driveway access and on-street parking can be expected.  Advance street maintenance notice signage will be temporarily installed at several locations within the affected areas a week in advance.  Individual fliers/door hangers will be distributed to individual property owners at least 48 hours in advance giving more detailed information of the work  to be done and restrictions with parking.  Schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather.

For questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 480-982-1055.