Construction Projects

Street Lane Closure Advisory

Street Preservation Maintenance
The Public Works Department will be conducting chip seal street preservation maintenance May 15th through May 17, 2017 for the following residential and collector streets:
    - Roosevelt St: Ironwood Dr. to Rennick Dr.
    - Main Ave: Superstition Blvd. to Shiprock St.
    - Manzanita St: Cedar Dr. to Desert View Dr.
    - Cedar Dr.: Roundup St to Manzanita St.
    - Desert View Dr.: Manzanita St to Roundup St.
    - Cactus Rd: Superstition Blvd to 4th Ave.
    - Wickiup Rd: Scenic St to Broadway Ave.
    - Starr Rd: Scenic St. to Tepee St.

This is not a full road closure, it can be expected traffic control operations will stop vehicles for a few minutes in both directions of street traffic and at driveways as the mobile work zone passes.  Operations will be kept to daylight hours only from 5 am to 3 pm.  Reduced speed limits are planned for the work zones so Public Works asks the motoring public, equestrians and pedestrians use extra caution and observe speed limits and other construction warning signs.  Any questions related to this project should be directed to the Public Works Department at (480) 982-1055.