The City strives to provide exemplary service to the community. In doing so, frequently questions are asked regarding our services and programs. Below are some responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your convenience.

1. Are there grants available for citizens?
The City offers a Housing Rehabilitation Program which assists homeowners with the rehabilitation of their homes. View more information.

2. Is there help for me to fix my home or pay my utility bills?
There are a variety of organizations throughout Arizona that offer assistance to persons in need. View more information.

3. I am having a problem with my landlord, is there help for me?
Renters have rights! View more information.

4. Can I get a grant for my business?
The City does not provide grants or loans to businesses. However there are other agencies that may offer some assistance. View more information.

5. What help do you provide non-profits?
The City offers technical assistance and grant reviews for local non-profit organizations. The City also provides a variety of additional resources. View more information.

6. How do I apply for a grant to fix my home?
An on-line application can be found on the City website or you may call (480) 474-2635. View more information.

7. I live in a mobile home park, is there help for me?
The City's Housing Rehabilitation Program only provides services to homeowners who own their home and land. View additional resources.

8. What types of things are fixed under the Housing Rehabilitation Program?
The City must follow federal and state requirements when determining what can or can not be repaired on your home. View detailed information on what is eligible.

9. How does the Housing Rehabilitation Program work?
View a step by step process of the Housing Rehabilitation Program.