Explanation of Downtown Overlay Zoning Initiative

The City’s Downtown Overlay Zoning initiative was developed in accordance with the findings and recommendations of the recently completed “Downtown Redevelopment and Implementation Strategy” (the “Study”). This Study resulted in hundreds of strategies and recommendations to advance and improve our downtown area. One important recommendation was to create and implement a new zoning overlay that will provide unique and flexible zoning and updated design standards for the downtown area.

After several months of review by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council, the Downtown Overlay Zoning District Regulations and the Downtown Overlay District Design Guidelines have been adopted. The next step is to rezone the downtown properties with the overlay district so future development and redevelopment can take advantage of the new regulations. Therefore, over the next few months, the Planning & Zoning Commission and the City Council will review and host public hearings regarding a rezoning of downtown properties to the Downtown Overlay District. In other words, the downtown properties would have a dual zoning that includes their existing zoning and the proposed Downtown Overlay Zoning.

The Downtown Overlay Zoning will provide property owners with the following opportunities:

1. Relaxed dimensional zoning standards.

2. Expanded retail, office, and service uses.

3. Streamlined approval of certain temporary uses.

4. Expanded outdoor business display and service.

5. Commercial and mixed-use residential development.

6. Reduced parking standards.

7. Substantially reduced landscaping standards in certain areas.

8. Digital (LED) signs.

9. Updated site and building design guidelines.

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