Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do property owners need to apply for the Downtown Overlay Zoning District rezoning?

A. No. The City is initiating a comprehensive rezoning of all downtown properties and therefore no individual rezoning applications are necessary.

Q. How will the proposed Downtown Overlay Zoning affect my property?

A. Property owners may choose to comply with either their existing zoning district regulations or the more flexible Downtown Overlay Zoning regulations.

Q. Will this proposed Downtown Overlay Zoning District make my existing property non-conforming?

A. No. If your property is currently legally conforming it will continue to be legally conforming.

Q. Will the design requirements for new development be different than the City’s existing design requirements?

A. Yes. The recently adopted Downtown Overlay Zoning Design Guidelines will replace the previously required Commercial Design Guidelines for downtown property.

Q. Why is the City interested in creating more flexible and relaxed zoning standards for development in the downtown area?

A. The City recognizes that our traditional rigid zoning standards regulating building setbacks, parking, landscaping, site intensity and permitted uses may be inconsistent with contemporary downtown market realities and may discourage development and redevelopment of downtown properties.