Private Recycling Containers

In January of 2006 the Apache Junction City Council adopted a Private Recycling Container Ordinance (Apache Junction City Code, Vol. I, Chapter 9: Health and Sanitation, Article 9-4: Private Recycling Containers, § 9-4-4 Containers) concerning the regulation of private recycling containers.

​A recycling container is any private container, whether attended or unattended, and whether operating for profit or not, where the public is asked to bring materials to be donated or left to be recycled, reclaimed, processed or reused, including but not limited to newspapers, bottles or cans, clothing, books, etc.

​​• Registration is required for each private recycling container and is required on an annual basis. The registration term expires on January 1st of each calendar year. You will be notified by mail when it is time to renew your registration. Renewal is required to be completed by January 30th. 

​ • Every application shall be accompanied by a notarized statement from the owner of the property where the container is to be placed, granting his or her permission for the placement of the container; and (2) Where applicable, a statement from the religious or non-profit corporation as required by § 9-4-4(D). 

​• Any recycling container which is in violation of § 9-4-4 may be removed at the operator's or owner's expense. The container shall be impounded until the operator or owner reimburses the city for the cost of removal and storage. In the event the operator or owner of an impounded recycling container has not reimbursed the city within 60 days of its removal, the city may dispose of the container or use it for some city-related purpose. 

​The registration application and property owner statement can be printed, completed and returned to the City of Apache Junction Code Compliance office at 300 E. Superstition Boulevard, Apache Junction Arizona, 85119 by mail or in person. Registration applications containing incomplete information or missing additional required forms will not be processed until all information and forms are provided. Incomplete registration applications shall be considered in violation of § 9-4-4 and are subject to any penalties as outlined in said article if not completed by January 30th of each year.