AJ Invests

In the spirit of Our Mission:

We will focus on and invest in quality of life and planned improvements for serving residents, businesses, and visitors.

and Our Vision:

Apache Junction is a diverse community of natural beauty and heritage that offers prosperity, compassion and forward thinking to its residents, businesses, and visitors.

AJ Invests in our residents by working with various community organizations to provide compassion and forward thinking which creates prosperity and a quality of life unmatched! Here are just some of the ways we are investing in our residents:

  1. Providing safe and decent housing for our residents through the city's housing rehabilitation program; 
  2. Providing a community resource center;
  3. Promoting the Earned Income Tax Credit program;
  4. Hosting quarterly Mayor's breakfasts;
  5. Conduct community drives including hygiene kits for the homeless, PB&J to combat summer hunger in youth, and socks and underwear drives for the homeless;
  6. Host Project Connect events;
  7. Heat Relief work including the collection and distribution of water and providing heat respite locations;
  8. Providing housing assistance including eviction prevention;
  9. Volunteer opportunities and appreciation events;
  10. Hot meals;
  11. Food boxes;
  12. Neighborhood revitalization activities;
  13. Financial stability classes; 
  14. Bike loan program; 
  15. and the list goes on...

To find out more, contact Heather at hpatel@ajcity.net