2019 Development Services Fees

Fee Ordinance and Table


There are three parts to Development Services Fees-

  • Ordinance 1469- This ordinance, passed by the city council March 19, 2019, amends the Apache Junction City Code, Vol. I, Chapter 4: Fees, Article 4-4. Article 4-4 provides the explanatory information for understanding how fees are to be assessed, how refunds are to be handled, and contains the new fee table. The new fee table covers building permit fees, planning and zoning fees, and engineering fees.
  • User Friendly Fee Table- To make using the fee table easier, we have created a user friendly version with color and improved page layout/page break locations to keep like fees together.
  • ICC Building Valuation Data Table- Some of the commercial fees are based on the valuation of the construction to be performed. To maintain consistency among projects the city has chosen to utilize the ICC published “Building Valuation Data- August 2018” table that provides building valuation based on two factors: building construction type and occupancy/use group. For simplicity we have attached this to the end of our “User Friendly Fee Table.”

In updating the fees the city worked hard to develop a more comprehensive, easier to apply and calculate fee structure. The city identified the services applicable to processing, reviewing and inspecting different permits and reviewed the cost to the city to provide those services. The city also sought to make the application of the fees more transparent and accurate.

The fee structures and assessed fee amounts of many valley municipalities were reviewed to identify best practices, clearest formats, easiest application and appropriate fee ranges.