Protective Orders

How Do I Get a Court Order?

Protective Orders can be issued by any court in the State of Arizona. Their purpose is to restrain a person from committing an act of harassment or domestic violence. These types of cases are given high priority because of the nature of the violations. To review more specific information regarding Order of Protections and Injunctions Against Harassment, please read Protective Order Information Sheet.

After normal court business hours, and during weekends and holidays, any police officer can assist you in obtaining an emergency order of protection. It is best to obtain a protective order from the court in your community; however if the situation involves minor children common to the adult parties, please contact Pinal County Superior Court. Protective orders against a minor under 12 years old can be obtained through the Pinal County Superior Court Juvenile Division.

You may complete and print the appropriate forms through this site or obtain them in person at the court. If you choose to complete the forms prior to coming to court please review and complete the Plaintiff's Guide Sheet and the Protective Order Petition. The petition is public record and a copy will be served on the defendant if the order is granted. You may also obtain all the necessary forms at the court. Please come prepared to provide sworn testimony to support your petition. Have specific dates, times, and places for events which you feel constitute the issuance of the protective order. There is no fee for filing a petition for a protective order.

What Happens Next?

If the protective order is granted, it must be served within one year and is valid for one year after service of the original order.

Violation of the order may result in arrest and prosecution. Violations are prosecuted in the jurisdiction where the violation occurred, under ARS§ 13-2810, Interference with Judicial Proceedings, a Class 1 Misdemeanor.

For additional information, including resource information, you may choose to review the Domestic Violence Safety Plan. You may also visit the Apache Junction Police Department Victim Assistant page for victim services information.