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Posted on: February 17, 2019

Police Get Grant for Headsets

Police SUV

The Apache Junction Police Department has received 12 headsets valued at $3,971 from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation for the department’s tactical squad.

Continuing its mission of impacting the lifesaving capabilities and the lives of local heroes and their communities, Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation awarded $233,987 worth of lifesaving equipment grants to greater Phoenix area first responders during a press event on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at the Hall of Flame Fire Museum located at 6101 E. Van Buren St.

The Foundation’s longstanding commitment to public safety in Arizona is evident in the more than $1.4 million awarded to the state’s first responders since inception.

Arizona Public Service (APS), the Southwest’s foremost producer of clean, safe and reliable electricity, has recognized the Foundation’s efforts. For five years in a row, APS has partnered with the non-profit, donating a total of $200,000 to ensure first responders serving its territory have the best tools and technology and are adequately protected. The company’s 2018 contribution of $50,000 is responsible for three of the grants being celebrated at the Feb. 13 event.

“The Foundation and APS’ commitment to our hometown heroes really brought the two organizations together,” said Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Senior Manager of Foundation Development Meghan Vargas. “We’re truly grateful for APS’ continuous support, allowing us to give back to more organizations and save more lives in Arizona.”

The below encapsulates the APS funded grant awards that were celebrated at the Feb. 13 event, including a brief description of equipment use and value:

o Eagar Fire Department received 20 helmets valued at $5,595. The awarded helmets will improve firefighter safety and help prevent injury.

o Eagar Police Department received six body armor carriers with rifle plates and six ballistic helmets valued at $4,961. The awarded equipment will help protect officers and the community during hostile emergency situations.

o Sedona Fire Department received 80 high visibility jackets and vests valued at $28,584. The main highways and interstate corridors that run through the department’s response area will see over three million travelers annually; the awarded outerwear will increase visibility and safety for tourists, citizens and firefighters alike.

The following grants also were celebrated at the event:

o Apache Junction Police Department received 12 Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) headsets valued at $3,971. The awarded headsets will record all department interviews, ensuring officer safety, accurate reporting and court proceedings, and civil rights for interviewees.

o Carefree Fire Department received one rescue basket and accessories valued at $3,659. The awarded equipment will improve response time and ensure victim and firefighter safety during mountain rescue missions.

o Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority received two automated chest compression devices valued at $17,031. The organization answered over 200 cardiac arrest calls last year, and the awarded devices will assist first responders by delivering uninterrupted chest compressions at a constant rate and depth to cardiac arrest patients, helping improve a patient’s chance of survival. City of Maricopa Fire Department also received an automated chest compression device valued at $17,612.

o City of Buckeye Police Department received three tactical intruder shields with LED lights valued at $7,130. The awarded shields will protect officers and citizens in the line of duty during hostile emergency situations.

o Congress Fire District received a variety of rope rescue equipment valued at

$15,939. The awarded equipment will aid the district on mountain rescue missions, ensuring the safety of firefighters and victims.

o Glendale Fire Department received two portable radios, software and accessories valued at $15,730. The awarded equipment will replace out-of-date technology, improving communication between the fire department, Glendale’s public information officer and the community, ensuring citizens are aware and prepared in emergency situations.

o Guadalupe Fire Department received two thermal imaging cameras and accessories valued at $19,455. The awarded cameras will be used to detect body heat and hot spots in burning buildings, allowing firefighters to locate victims and provide lifesaving assistance.

o Jerome Fire Department received five sets of bunker gear valued at

$16,801, Regional Fire & Rescue Department received 10 sets of bunker gear valued at $25,000 and Verde Valley Fire District received seven sets valued at $23,343. While providing fire and emergency services to the community, the awarded gear will safeguard firefighter health, safety and well-being.

o Scottsdale Fire Department received an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) with a patient transport kit valued at $29,176. The awarded equipment will enable firefighters to administer aid in emergency medical situations more quickly and efficiently, providing support in areas impassable by traditional emergency vehicles and allowing them to quickly transport victims to a hospital or ambulance.

Event attendees include local first responders, Arizona Public Service General Manager of Enterprise Security Michael Anderson, Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Senior Manager of Foundation Development Meghan Vargas, and Firehouse Subs Area Representative and franchisee Scott Friedman.

Grant allocations are made possible thanks to the overwhelming support of Firehouse Subs restaurants and generous donors. Each restaurant recycles five-gallon pickle buckets, available to guests for a $2 donation to the Foundation. Donation canisters on register counters collect spare change, while the Round Up Program allows guests to “round up” their bill to the nearest dollar. The Foundation is also the beneficiary of a Charitable Sales Promotion where Firehouse of America (FOA) will donate a sum equivalent to 0.11 percent of all gross sales with a minimum donation of $1MM through Dec. 31, 2019.

To donate online and support Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, visit


Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation was founded in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when Firehouse Subs Founders Chris Sorensen and Robin Sorensen traveled to Mississippi where they provided food to first responders and survivors. As they returned home, they knew they could do more and Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation was born, with the mission of providing funding, lifesaving equipment and educational opportunities to first responders and public safety organizations. Since

its inception, the non-profit organization has granted more than $40 million to hometown heroes in 48 states, Puerto Rico and Canada, including more than $1.4 million in Arizona.

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