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Posted on: May 23, 2014

AJPD Encourages a Safe and Fun Summer for Kids

Apache Junction, Arizona, May 23, 2014 – Summer is here, and school is out. It is important to have activities and supervision for your children during the summer months to keep them safe, and out of trouble. Local programs are available to provide structured, fun activities for youth. If your children will be spending the summer going to friends’ houses, it is important to know who the friends are, their parents as well as what type of supervision will be provided.

Remember to outline what type of activities are acceptable and to communicate your rules regarding pools, trampolines, playing outside and other potentially dangerous situations. You may also want to ask the family if they own a gun, and how it is secured. Remember, the safety of your child is your ultimate responsibility. Please join us and try to ensure that your kids have a fun and a wonderfully safe summer!

To learn more about summer programs available through the City of Apache Junction, please contact the Apache Junction Library at (480) 474-8555 or visit www.ajpl.org or Apache Junction Parks & Recreation at (480) 983-2181 or visit http://www.ajcity.net. For additional information, please contact Apache Junction Police Department’s Community Resource Coordinator at (480) 474-5442 or chalonen@ajcity.net.


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