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Talent Bank Testing Form - TESTING ONLY

  1. City of Apache Junction


  3. Are you a resident of the City of Apache

  4. Do you own property in the city of Apache Junction*

  5. Do you operate a business in the City of Apache

  6. Are you now serving, or have you ever served, on a City of Apache Junction board or commission?

  7. Board & Commission preference(s): Refer to the last page for a list of Boards & Commissions. List your choices in order of preference:

  8. Education and Community Service

  9. Schools Attended

  10. Civic Activities-Service Organizations

  11. What do you believe is the key responsibility of Board, Commission or Committee members to: (a) the City Council, (b) the citizens of Apache Junction, (c) other Board, Commission or Committee members?

  12. Applications are kept on file for two years. During that time, your application will be considered when there is an opening for the Board or Commission for which you have applied. As a candidate to a City Board, Commission or Committee, your name, address and telephone number will be available to the media and the public. Occasionally requests are received from State and County legislators for recommendations of citizens to serve on State and County commissions. If the City Council recommends your name be submitted, you will be contacted before this action is taken. Please notify the City Clerk’s Office at (480) 982-8002 if you move or no longer wish to be considered for appointment. If you have a current resume and/or any certificates that may be applicable to your Board, Commission or Committee interest, please attach a copy to this application. Mail or deliver your completed application to: City of Apache Junction, 300 E. Superstition Blvd., Apache Junction, AZ 85119. If appointed to a Board/Commission/Committee, I understand that one requirement is that I cannot be absent from the City for over 30 days at one time, unless authorized by the Mayor and Council.

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