Downtown Incentive District Plan

The City of Apache Junction seeks to encourage commercial and retail development in the downtown by offering development flexibility through the Downtown Overlay Zones. These incentive guidelines are intended to be used for new and/or expansion projects within the identified downtown area. The Downtown Overlay Zoning provides property owners with the following opportunities:
  • Relaxed dimensional zoning standards
  • Expanded retail, office and service uses
  • Streamlined approval of certain temporary uses
  • Expanded outdoor business display and service
  • Commercial and mixed-use residential development
  • Reduced parking standards (and shared parking agreements)
  • Substantially reduced landscaping standards in certain areas
  • Digital (LED) signs
  • Updated site and building design guidelines
Determination of available assistance or other allowances of phased improvements through an Economic Development Agreement shall be the determination of the City Manager or the City Manager's designee subject to the approval of the City Council.

Staff will strive to craft a "win-win" agreement that will help ensure your success in our community.

For additional information contact Janine Solley, Business Advocate, at (480) 474-5076.