Facility Rentals

Facility/Equipment Use Guidelines & Fees

The City of Apache Junction Parks and Recreation Department offers many types of facilities and equipment for rent.  For a complete list of reservable facilities, fees, and guidelines please download a packet.

Facility/Equipment Use Guidelines & Fees

Facility & Equipment Permit Applications

If you would like to fill out your form online, please click the necessary hyperlink below and email to ajpr@ajcity.net.  Our Facilities division will contact you the next business day regarding your application.  Please note, that an official permit will be issued once the application is received, reviewed, and the necessary payments have been made.  Please contact Parks and Recreation for more information about our various facility and equipment rental opportunities at 480-983-2181. 
Facility & Equipment Permit Application (fillable)
Special Event Permit Application (fillable)

Please note, it is recommended that Special Event applications for our parks and facilities, be submitted at least 60 days in advance to plan for proper resources.  Contact Jeff Kopp at 480-474-5152 if you have additional questions about large events at our facilities.  If you are interested in conducting a Special Event elsewhere, within the City Limits, please contact the City of Apache Junction's City Clerk's office at 480-982-8002.

Electronic Message Board

In an effort to promote City/Community programs, news, and achievements, the City manages an electronic messaging board in the downtown area across from the Focal Point.  For information about what can and can't be posted or to start the process, please utilize the below links:
Electronic Message Board Application  / Electronic Message Board Process & Samples 

Park Rules

As you enjoy Apache Junction’s many diverse parks and indoor facilities, please help us protect park property, respect the rights of others, and comply with all park regulations.  

It is unlawful to conduct any of the following activities in Apache Junction parks, trails and open spaces. To report any violations of the park rules, please call (480) 983-2181.    
  • Allow any pets to be off a leash
  • Allow any pet on the ball fields
  • Fail to clean up your pet's waste
  • Bring horses into any developed areas of the park, including turf, landscaped and paved areas
  • Litter or discard trash
  • Hit golf balls or shoot arrows
  • Operate motorized skateboards
  • Have any motorized vehicle anywhere except on roads or parking areas without special permission
  • Use model planes or cars without permission
  • Possess any glass beverage containers
  • Advertise or solicit goods or services
  • Possess or consume spirituous liquor or wine (beer is allowed without a permit for groups of up to six persons. For groups of seven or more a Malt Beverage Permit must be secured from the Parks & Rec Office in advance
  • Camp overnight without permission
  • Climb any fencing, trees or structures other than playground equipment designed for the purpose
  • Vandalize or remove park property or wildlife
  • Do anything that could endanger the park patrons. 

Park Hours: 
 Location  Times
Complex Park
Prospector Park
Rodeo Park Event Center
Veteran's Memorial Park 
 Sunrise - 10:30 pm
Little League Complex                    
Superstition Shadows Park 
 Sunrise - 10:00 pm
Skate Park   8:00 am - 10:00 pm

The City of Apache Junction welcomes participation by people with disabilities in all programs, sites, and facilities. For more information about accessibility contact us at 480-983-2181, ajpr@ajcity.net or visit www.ajcity.net/ada.