Apache Junction Active Adult Center

Looking for a great place to meet new friends, get fit, or just play cards or games? You've found it! Apache Junction Active Adult Center offers a wide variety of activities to keep you active and engaged.

Wish you had someone to help you cope with the many challenges of life? Our Center provides social services such as peer counseling, support groups, benefits assistance, a blood pressure clinic and many other support related connections. Outreach specialists are available to link seniors with resources and services that facilitate independent living, as well.

Tired of thinking up something for lunch? Join us for delicious and healthy meals, Monday through Friday. Reservations and registration are necessary. Let us shop, cook and clean-up for you! Share a meal and meet new folks.
Want to reach out in the Community? Apache Junction Active Adult Center welcomes you to volunteer with us! We encourage all interests and abilities and match them with our opportunities. Contact us to get started.
The Apache Junction Active Adult Center operates inside the Multi-Generational Center; open weekdays from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. A hot lunch is served to those over 60; to make a reservation call (480) 474-5260. The Center offers educational classes, arts and crafts and social events such as movies, dancing lessons and bingo. Some programs require an annual membership fee.