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To View Apache Junction's City Code please visit:
AJ State of Arizona Legislators - District 16
Senate: David C. Farnsworth - R
(602) 926-3020
House: Doug Coleman R - Apache Junction
(602) 926-3160

Kelly Townsend R - Mesa
(602) 926-4467

Welcome Residents!
What you need to know as a new resident living in the City of Apache Junction:

The City of Apache Junction was incorporated in 1978. 

In order to get vital services many districts were established to provide these services. Some of these include a Fire District, Water District, Sewer District and a private water company.

To find out information about Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about City of Apache Junction services and phone numbers follow this link:
There are many events, activities and facilities to keep residents of Apache Junction busy all year long. Some of the City's key attractions are:
Community Resources & Directories
There are many agencies that offer programs and services within Apache Junction and throughout Arizona. Find information about and directories for assistance.
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City Boundaries
What are the boundaries of the City? Please refer to this map of the City Limits of Apache Junction.

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View important Apache Junction area contacts.
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