Development Engineering


The Development Engineering section provides several engineering services. Including but not limited to, reviews of preliminary and final plats, improvement plans, land splits and construction assurance documents. Also, processes grading and excavation permits and encroachment permits. The Development Engineering section ensures that projects are in compliance with federal, state, county and city codes and regulations.

For any questions, contact the Development Services Project Engineer at (480) 474-5077.

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Engineering Information

Engineering Permit Applications

- Grading & Excavation Permit

Engineering Checklist 
 Refer to Engineering Standards 
Engineering Standards
Engineering Standards
Engineering Review Fees
Engineering Review Fees

Survey Benchmarks
- Survey Control Map
Construction Assurance (Samples)
- Letter of Assurance for Construction of Improvements
- Performance Bond
- Improvement Guarantee Agreement

Drainage & Retention Certification Letter
Final Plat Submittal Requirements
Geotechnical inspection Requirements