The Opportunities

Embracing its western heritage, Apache Junction is best known for open space and spectacular view of the Superstition Mountains. The surrounding geography and western atmosphere draw over half a million visitors through the city annually and an additional 40 thousand residents each winter.

Retail Market Area

The market area is defined by a 15 minute drive time from the center of Downtown. The population for the market area includes 108,009 people with a median income of $45,942. Between the months of November and April the market area sees a population influx estimated to be around 40,000+.
  2016 2020
Population 108,009 117,166
Households (HH) 43,553 47,450
Workplace Population 61,457 64,675
Population Density/Square Mile 1,635 1,557
Median Age 46.6 47.5
Median HH Income $45,942 $54,422
Per Capita Income $24,832 $28,752

Retail Opportunities

In September 2010 the city adopted and began implementation of the Downtown Redevelopment and Implementation Strategy. The plan integrates a pro-business atmosphere with an eagerness to preserve/promote the independent, outdoor loving and community centered spirit that built the west. Since the plan was adopted the core downtown corridor has seen public investments over $2.2 million and private investments totaling over $32 million.

In addition, the city has over 12,000 linear feet of vacant land that fronts US60 and about 70 acres of vacant land centrally located in the core Downtown Corridor. A recent market study identified Retail Leakage of $264 million with the greatest opportunities in Entertainment, Restaurants, Household Furniture, Footwear & Clothing and Electronics.

Available Sites

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