Building & Code Compliance Division

Division of Building Safety and Inspection

The intent of the building code is to provide the minimum requirements for protecting the health and welfare of the public. The Division of Building Safety and Inspection is responsible for assuring that these minimum code standards for the construction and use of residential and commercial structures are met; and that structures and equipment are maintained in compliance with these minimum standards. The division accomplishes this through permitting, plan review and inspection.

All construction, repair, alteration, and change in use require permits. Work that is exempt from permitting is specifically identified in the administrative provisions of the Division of Building Safety and Inspection. Permits are obtained by filling out an application and supplying the required plans and information. Plan and information requirements vary based on the type and extent of work proposed.

In general, all new construction and all construction that expands the under roof area of a structure require site plans in addition to building plans and specifications.

The administrative code requires that all plans and information which are submitted for construction, repair, alteration, and change in use be sufficiently clear and complete to identify the location and nature of the proposed work.

Plan review assures the applicant that the identified work, or use, complies with the minimum code requirements. The review focuses on identifying areas that do not meet code so that costly in-the-field changes are minimized or eliminated. Reviewed plans also provide a record for future owners and occupants regarding past construction activity and changes.

Inspection complements the plan review function and seeks to insure that construction is accomplished in compliance with the building codes and the reviewed plans. This insures the owner or occupants that the building and equipment meet the minimum requirements for safety.

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