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Elections Overview
City elections include candidate elections and special purpose elections for issues such as recalls, referendums, initiatives, bonds and general plan amendments. Candidate election dates are mandated by state law. Special purpose elections are held as necessary on certain dates of the year when not combined with a candidate election and the dates are also mandated by state law.

2018 City Council Candidate Packets News Release

2018Call of Election
Official Election Results

Official Election Results
Please go to the following link for the most updated results:
Pinal County Election Results Website

Early Ballot

The next scheduled election will be the primary election on August 25, 2020, with voter registration deadline being July 27, 2020.
For more information on getting an early ballot visit:
Pinal County Recorder 
Maricopa County Recorder

Voting Precinct Map
Voting Precinct Map 

Voter Registration
The City of Apache Junction is primarily in Pinal County with a small portion in Maricopa County. The borderline is Meridian.  Anyone living west of Meridian is in Maricopa County, east of Meridian is in Pinal County. Links to the voter registration offices for both counties have been provided for you.

Maricopa County
Pinal County
Arizona Secretary of State