Trash Service


TRASH – Zone 1 in blue below (North of Scenic St and West of San Marcos Dr): Monday & Thursday

                Zone 2 in red below (South of Scenic St and East of San Marcos Dr): Tuesday & FridayTRASH ZONES

RECYCLE – Wednesdays for the entire city (starting May 6th). Residents will need to call Republic Services to sign up for recycling and to receive a new recycle bin if you wish to recycle. eng-recycling-simplified-quick-reference-guide

BULK TRASH PICK-UP –  This service will resume beginning Wednesday, May 6th. Residents must call Republic Services one week in advance of their zone’s scheduled pick up to be added to the route. Republic Services can be reached at 602-237-2078.

                                            Meridian Rd to Ironwood Dr (yellow below): 1st Wednesday of each month

                                            Ironwood Dr to Idaho Rd (green below): 2nd Wednesday of each month

                                            Idaho Rd to Tomahawk Rd (pink below): 3rd Wednesday of each month

                                            Tomahawk Rd to Goldfield Rd (blue below): 4th Wednesday of each month

AJ Bulk MapBulk-quick-reference-guide


Option 1: 2 times a week trash pickup - $10.71 monthly / $32.13 a quarter. You will be automatically signed up for this option for services to begin April 1st. For additional options/services please call Republic Services to sign up for them.
Option 2: 2 times a week trash pickup & once a week recycle pickup - $18.71 / $56.13 a quarter.

Once a week dumpster service:

  • 2-yard dumpster for $34.64 per month
  • 4-yard dumpster for $69.28 per month
  • 6-yard dumpster for $103.92 per month


- Additional 96 Gallon Receptacles - $5.31 each

- Weekly Manure Pick Up - $16.00 per month for a 96 gallon container
                                            $69.28 per month for a 2-yard dumpster

- 2 Yard Dumpster (one time use) - $50.00 Delivery
$8.00 per Lift
$50.00 Removal

- 4 Yard Dumpster (one time use) - $50.00 Delivery
$16.00 per Lift
$50.00 Removal

- 6 Yard Dumpster (one time use) - $50.00 Delivery
$24.00 per Lift
$50.00 Removal

- Residential Drop off Service - $43.94 per ton

- Additional Curbside Bulk Trash & Recycling (pick up by appointment only) - $ 50.00 per pick up

- Annual Christmas Tree Curbside Pick Up - $7.00


Q: Am I required to have curbside trash services at my residence?
A: Yes, upon adoption of Ordinance No. 1483 , all covered residences defined as single family homes, duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes are required to have curbside services.

You can view the City’s Article 9-5: Collection of Residential Solid Waste here.

Q: Can I choose who provides my curbside trash services?
A: Effective April 1, only Republic Services will provide curbside trash (and recycling if selected) for all covered residences. The city council awarded the contract to Republic Services on December 3, 2019 after the city completed a competitive Request for Proposals procurement process and conducted an evaluation of the three responses received.

You can view the December 3rd council meeting video and minutes at

Q: What will the cost of trash and recycle pickup be?
A: There are two options to choose from depending on what fits your lifestyle and budget.
Option 1: 2 times a week trash pickup only - $10.71 monthly / $32.13 a quarter.
Option 2: 2 times a week trash pickup & once a week recycle pickup - $18.71 / $56.13 a quarter.

Q: Are there any additional or hidden fees in and above the $10.71 and $18.71 monthly rates?
A: No, these monthly rates are inclusive of all fees.

Q: Are there any start up fees, deposits or container drop off fees to initiate service?
A: No, there are not any fees once the service with Republic Service begins on April 1.

Q: What do I need to do if I currently have Right Away Disposal or Waste Management?
A:Both RAD and WM have been notified that they will need to discontinue solid waste and recycling service to their customers within the city limits of Apache Junction as of March 31, 2020. Residents should receive a final bill for the period of January 1, 2020 through March 31, 2020.

For questions on service cancellation, final billing and container removal please contact RAD or WM directly. WM states that they will not charge a fee to pick up their container. RAD is charging a $50 container removal fee.

Q: What are my options to avoid the container removal fee RAD is assessing customers?
A: RAD has communicated to the city that they will significantly reduce or waive that fee if containers are dropped off at their yard located at 3755 S. Royal Palm Road in Apache Junction when service concludes at the end of March. Residents should contact RAD before dropping off your containers to confirm what else is needed at time of drop off to ensure their accounts are properly credited.

The city is encouraging a “neighbors helping neighbors” philosophy in delivering containers back to RAD in March for neighbors who are physically unable or do not have a vehicle that allows for them to do so themselves. If at the end of March any resident still needing assistance in arranging delivery of their containers to avoid the $50 fee may contact the city manager’s office at 480-474-5066 for assistance in coordinating help.

Q: What do I  need to do if I am an existing Republic Services customer?
A: Current customers of Republic Services will receive a new trash container in the last two weeks of March. Republic Services will notify customers of when to place existing containers street side for removal at that same time. Customer accounts will automatically be updated on April 1, 2020 with the new contractual low rates.

Q: Where do I place my containers?
A: On service days:Containers should be placed 6” from the street and at least 5’ from utility poles, cable boxes, mailboxes, water meters or parked cars for safe collection and should not obstruct the use of sidewalks. To ensure pick up, residents should have containers out by 6:00am on the day of service and have them brought back in by 6:00am the day after service.

On non-service days: To prevent residential solid waste containers from being left on the street or easily visible in yards from the street, containers shall be placed in or to the side of a garage, carport, residential unit, in the backyard, behind a fence or natural landscaping, decorative screen wall or other structure, to conceal from public view as much as possible.

Q: Is recycling required?
A: No, recycling is optional.

Q: Will the recycling go into a landfill?
A: It is estimated that over 60% of items placed in recycling containers goes instead to a landfill due to contamination. One way to make sure recyclables do not end up in a landfill is to ensure all recycles are clean and dry before putting them in the recycle bins.

Please view more recycling tips at

Q: Why is the rate to include recycling more?
A: Tougher restrictions on recyclables have made them more difficult to sell to foreign and domestic markets. China and other Asian countries are no longer accepting recyclables which in turn causes the rates to process them to increase. Many cities in the valley are considering rate increases to recycling services and some cities have ceased recycling altogether as it has become cost prohibitive to continue.

Q: How often can Republic Services raise rates?
A: Under the contract, Republic Services cannot arbitrarily raise rates at any time. They will be obligated to place in writing a request to raise rates to the city. This can only be done one time per year and the request to raise rates is required to be in accordance with the Consumer Price Index for Water, Sewer and Trash Collection (CPI-U). In the last ten years, the highest increase per the CPI-U was 6.05% in 2010, increases in recent years have trended around 3.5%. City council also negotiated a 5% cap on any annual rate increase. Most residents will most likely still being paying less in years 8-10 of the contract than they do today.

Q: How often will I be billed?
A: Payment is due quarterly, however, there is an option to pay annually to receive a 2% discount. All payments are to be made directly to Republic Services.

Q: How long is the contract with Republic Services?
A: The contract is for an initial 8-year term with two 1-year renewal options for a total of 10 years.
The long term contract is what results in lower rates as it provides the contractor the ability to spread assets and fixed costs across the term of the contract such as the newer model collection trucks required plus the new receptacles for reach residence. The term of the proposed contract is among the best practices seen in other municipalities. A shorter term contract would result in higher rates.

Q: What is Bulk Trash Pick-up?
A: Bulk Trash Pick-up is available once per month on the designated Wednesday at no additional cost. Items such as furniture, appliances (no freon), and vegetation that are too large to fit into the trash container may be placed curbside for pick up by Republic Services. Residents will need to call Republic Services and schedule the pick up at least one week before their designated Wednesday pick up.

Q: Will Republic Services work with seasonal visitors on a service hold?
A: Yes, seasonal residents can put their services on hold one time a year for up to six months. The service is free but limited to only one time a year. It is important to note that if at any time a residence is occupied, there must be curbside collection services to the home.

Q: What about the HOAs who have a contract with other providers?
A: The city will honor any contracts HOA’s have in place prior to December 3, 2019 (with the contract with Republic Services as approved) until the expiration date at which time they will need to transition to Republic Services.

Q: How will AJ make it work for residents who generate little to no weekly trash?
A: Residents are only obligated to put out their containers when there is material to be disposed of and they may choose to place their container out only one of the two days per week it is scheduled for pick up. It is important to note that all residential residents in the city share in the cost of these services under the contract which results in the low rates. According to staff research and feedback received from residents, the rates being proposed are lower than any current provider’s pricing.

Q: Can I share services with my neighbor?
A: City code prohibits sharing of services. The only shared services permitted are those covered residences defined as multifamily which may have a dumpsters instead of individual containers for each unit.

Q: Are residential rental properties considered commercial or residential?
A: For the purposes of this contract, single-family, duplex, triplex, and four-plex residential units (rental or owner-occupied) are considered residential and fall under the provisions of the solid waste contract. Only mobile home parks with contracts for solid waste services in place and residential dwellings over 4 units are considered commercial.

Q: If I rent a home or a unit in a duplex, triplex, or four-plex, is it my responsibility or the owner’s responsibility to pay for the cost of trash services?
A: All renters should refer to their lease or rental contract to determine if they are liable for the cost of trash services; whether it is included in their monthly rent or not. Any discussion or negotiation on this should take place between the tenant and the homeowner or landlord.

Q: If I own a 4-plex and only have 4 tenants do I still have to pay for 4 trash containers or can we combine trash?
A: The low rates offered through the contract are based on the assumption that all residential units share in the cost equally. The cost is based on residential units, not the number of tenants within each unit. The number of refuse and recycling containers is negotiable with Republic Services. In addition, Republic Services also offers a 2-yard dumpster available for these multi-unit types of residential properties in lieu of individual refuse containers. A 2-yard dumpster is the equivalent of 4 refuse containers.

Rates for once a week dumpster service is based on size and are as follows:
  • 2-yard $34.64 per month
  • 4-yard $69.28 per month
  • 6-yard $103.92 per month
Q: How will the city verify that residents continue their services?
A: On a routine basis, the city in conjunction with Republic Services will conduct an audit to determine which residential dwellings (single-family residences, duplex, triplex, and four-plex) are not subscribed to trash services.

Q: What will the 8% administrative fee included in the monthly rate be used for?
A: The revenue is anticipated to cover costs associated with the two annual household hazardous waste events the city hosts each year and for contract oversight by city staff.

Q: Will the Republic Landfill still offer free quarterly dump weeks after these services go into effect?
A: Yes, the city will continue to have free quarterly dump weeks.

Q: Since Republic will have more properties to pick garbage up from, will they need to hire more people?
A: Republic Services is always hiring qualified individuals with a passion for customer service and safety. They anticipate the need to add to their workforce to service the entire city. Anyone interested can apply online at

Q: Will manure disposal be a part of the service provided by Republic Services?
A: While manure disposal was not part of the RFP or contract, Republic Services will provide the service to residents upon request for an additional fee. The options are a 96-gallon container for $16 per month, or a 2-yard dumpster would be available for $69.28 per month. Either option would be serviced weekly.